Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, now is the time that most parents dread. The time when their sweet, cute, laid back toddler hits the terrible twos. Yes, Andrew is only 20 months, but he is definitely there. From throwing toys to tackling the cat he shows all the signs for this difficult, yet necessary stage of development. The first words out of his mouth in the morning, while he is still in his crib are, "No! No!" He hears these words quite often throughout the day. We are trying to keep it positive, but I'm at a loss for what to say to him when he is laying on top of the cat for the tenth time in an hour other than no, no! He has experienced time out, a stern voice, yes even a spanking, but nothing seems to work. He is into everything all at once, all the time. He turns on the dishwasher, stops the washing machine, turns up the burner on the stove, jumps in the bathtub with his clothes on. Wow! Let's just say I'm a little tired by the end of the day. But we still love him and will do our best to help him through this important time in his young life. Underneath the defiant exterior he is still our sweet little boy!

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